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Join the conversation. Here you will engage in open dialogue with your colleagues about the important issues of the day that affect us all. As always, follow the rules of blog etiquette: be polite, make your point using evidence-based arguments, and be concise. Share your thoughts below in 100-200 words.

Essential Question #1:


How does this video of Hillary Clinton illustrate the concept of "blowback"? Explain using other examples of blowback besides the one provided in the video.

Essential Question #2:


How does Gerrymandering affect political polarization in America? Explain.

Essential Question #3:


Could a “social credit” system, like Sesame Credits in China, be implemented in the United States? Why or why not?

Essential Question #4:


What is the relationship between money and local politics?

Essential Question #5:


In this interview, Madeline Albright, the Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton, spoke about collateral damage (civilian deaths) during war. How should the United States decide how much collateral damage in war is acceptable?

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