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State Crimes Against Democracy



This Senior Seminar is in development and will be designed as an undergraduate college-level class for high school students interested in public policy and geopolitics. The primary focus of the class will be historical events involving the United States, but other nations will also be discussed within the context of geopolitical events involving the United States.


The Seminar will explore the concept of state crimes against democracy (SCAD), and engage in an in-depth examination of historical events that scholars have asserted are SCAD. Students will examine relevant evidence to draw conclusions about specific historical case studies in order to hypothesize about whether or not these events should be classified as SCAD, and what effect these events have had on the political, economic, cultural, and social environment of the United States and the global geopolitical landscape.


Case Studies


  1. Operation Gladio – 1956-1990 (?)

  2. JFK Assassination – 1963

  3. MLK Assassination – 1968

  4. Iran-Contra Affair – 1985-7

  5. Oklahoma City Bombing – 1995

  6. US Presidential Elections – 2000, 2004

  7. World Trade Center and Pentagon Bombings – 2001


Course Materials


Articles/White Papers


















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